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City of Neenah

211 Walnut Street, Neenah, WI, 54956, US



Neenah Utilities - Move In/Move Out Request - Title Companies

-Schedule a final meter reading on the closing date of a property sale

-Two business day notice is required in advance of the scheduled meter reading

-Per rules of the Public Service Commission (PSC), final utility invoices must be sent in the name of the account holder, and are not able to be sent directly to the Title Company

-If the property is a rental, we cannot process the final invoice until we speak with the new owner

Closing Date (Meter Will Be Read This Date, Excluding Weekends and Holidays)

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Seller's Name

New Owner's Name

Additional New Owner's Name

Will the Property Be a Rental After the Sale?

New Owner's Forwarding Information and Billing Preferences (Tenant or Owner Paying Invoices) Are Required Before the Account Changes Can Be Processed


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